About Employer Lynx Inc. an employee screening company located in Carson City

STEP 1) 

If you are a member of Employer Lynx, please proceed to “The Registration Process” (STEP 2) for all the Form I-9 Services.

  • If you are not a member of Employer Lynx, please signup online and fill out our Service Agreement before you proceed to “The Registration Process”
    (This process can take a few days.)


The Registration Process

In order to create a user account for the Form I-9 Services, you must first complete this Client Registration Form and User Agreement

  • Electronic Form I-9 Only (Complete Section I only)
  • Electronic Form I-9 and Employment Verification Program (EVP) (Complete
    Sections I and II)

Fax back to (775) 883-8755 and Employer Lynx will contact you with further instructions. Thank You. (This process can take a few days.)


Once you’ve received your username and password please proceed to the Client’s Area.